Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Nephew

This little pudge ball is my nephew Crew. My sister Ashley and Crew travelled from Arizona to celebrate my birthday with us. Oh man did I have fun with them! Here's a few shots I got of the little munchkin.


This is my favorite picture of the two of them!


Oh for goodness sake, how did this get in here? Oh well, here are my two boys. Aren't they cute?!!!


Happy Sunday!


Sheree said...

LOVE IT! your boys are getting SO big! your nephew is too cute for words love his little drool when he's on the grass - :)

Mandy McMahan said...

I LOVE Jackson's little chin. :)

I also like the one of Ashley and Crew. I totally want a hat just like hers. I've been looking for one. It's so cute!

Love these. Love how much you posted this month, too. :)

Eternal Helpmates said...

L.o.v.e the picture of your nephew in the clover. Way too cute!!!

Ashley said...

awww they are so great!!! Shelly loved them too of course and I sent some to mom, grandma and grandpa! Its so fun to have aweosme picts of my baby to preserve his chubby cuteness!!! Pretty much you are the best photographer ever thanks again!