Sunday, November 22, 2009

General and Jackie

This is General. Jackie loves her doggie! Well who wouldn't?! He was so much fun! A bit of a stinker at times, but so so cute! (and just for reference Jackie, my old dog Hollywood would have been an even bigger stinker. hehe) This shoot was so fun because not only did Jackie bring her cute dog, she brought her cute sister and her cute niece. I got a mix of different shots with all involved and wish I could share them all. I love them!

Isn't she cute? Who wouldn't want to bring their little niece along? My 6 month old nephew just left this morning to go back to AZ. Oh how I miss his smiles already!


So cute!


Have a wonderful day!


Eternal Helpmates said...

Ya just gotta love the photo of Jackie and Abby, toooo sweet!!!

Sheree said...

awww, what a cute dog. :D

Jax said...

I love these soo much! I am currently deciding on what to have printed for Christmas pics. I'm thinking it will be a different one for different people so they all get passed around. Thank you SO much Christy! Next time, I'll bring a squeakie toy for General and maybe he won't be such a pain. :)