Friday, November 13, 2009

The 'F' Family

I got my computer back today!! Yay! (it had to go get a few little tweaks done...) But all is well on the picture front. I am going to be working hard to make sure all of my client's pictures get finished in a timely fashion. :)

'F' family, you guys rock! It was so much fun to shoot pictures of you guys! You are so full of life and it shows! Thanks for the opportunity. Enjoy!

Aren't they fun?!


Will really wanted to take their pictures in an area that had this old gas station pump. Isn't it cool?! I love old stuff like this. Very vintage!

This first one is Caleb. He is definitely the older brother... sometimes I think he doesn't want to be the older brother, but then again he sure does. :) Does that make sense? No? Yes? Oh well. He is a cutie!

This is Tyler. This turned out the be my favorite shot of the whole shoot. He really was working the camera!

Here's Derek. This kid cracks me up. He is super full of personality.

And finally, here's Logan. He's the baby of the family, and look at that baby face! Makes me want to kiss him. :)

Happy Friday!


KK & Company said...

That location is a location I was going to tell you about and ask if we could shoot there sometime! That's nuts that you shot their pics there! My fav is the one of Logan... Look at those eyes! And of course he is one of my very cute sunbeams!

Mandy McMahan said...

You are so frickin' awesome. I love these portraits. I love the black and white ones. I haven't had a chance to shoot older kids that age since last Christmas ... I definitely think this is one of your best shoots. I LOVE the second one of all four kids on the swing together!

Fleming Family said...

Oh Christy! Those are awesome! Thank you so much! So, did you get your computer back already??

Sheree said...

how fun! 4 boys! whew! i'm tired just lookin' at how much fun this must have! i love the one in the swing. too cute! again, awesome work1