Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Web Browsers etc

So, it has been brought to my attention that on some people's computers my pictures are being cut off on the right hand side. I am very glad you guys have brought this to my attention as on my computer it is fine. Anyway, I have talked with a few 'computer' people and apparently it is a certain web browser that doesn't go along the same guide lines as all the others. Bummer. So, I have decided to do a few experiments to see if making the pictures smaller would help. So let me know if it still cuts off the picture on the right..... your only way of telling on this particular picture is with my name at the bottom. It should say Christina Cole. :) Hopefully making the pictures a little smaller will allow for more picture to be viewed by more people. These are my boys. I bought them these shirts for the upcoming school year. And when I say school, I mean pre-k for Cole and mother's day out preschool for Jack. My baby is going to school this year. It will be great for me and my photography business, but sad for my heart. I love my kids! Who doesn't love their kids right?! Have a great night!



Timber said...

I'm using Firefox. Maybe its just a problem with firefox :P

Right now, the E at the end is still cut off.

Super cute photo of your boys though! They both look so grown up!!!

Nicole said...

oh they are adorable!!! i'm using firefox as well and i get the whole pic. not sure what the deal is!

Mandy said...

I'm using Safari and the E is cut off.

Super cute boys. And I can't believe they'll both be in school either. But I am however excited for you to have some time. ;)

Christy said...

hmmmmmm..... well this is a head scratcher (did I just say that?!) I guess I will leave it at a smaller size and hope that everyone can see most of the pictures. haha. Maybe someday I can figure out this mystery.

Sheree said...

i don't know what i'm using but i can see it just great. :)

your boys are adorable and getting so big!! time to have another. :)