Saturday, August 1, 2009

Business, Business

So many exciting things to update you on. First, there's the passion and love I feel for photography. Each day seems to bring it on more and more. I kinda like that feeling. Like it a lot. Next, I want to mention that I am moving forward with the business. I have ordered business cards for Christina Cole Photography, so lookout world, soon you'll all have my phone number, email and blood type. :) I have been working on pricing structures for my business and I can't wait till it is all said and done. Black and white. Set in stone. But, to give myself (and you guys) a break from it all, I have decided to keep my prices low through the end of the year. Not that I am going to raise the prices up a tremendous amount, it will just be more structured. So, more updates on that later.

In other exciting news, I have 3 shoots still to post from the past few weeks. LOVE these shoots. I have been taking pictures of a lot of children lately, and I gotta say, they are pretty darn cute. Well, you'll see.

Lastly, just wanted to mention my biggest news. In October I have been asked to co-shoot a wedding in Seattle. Like downtown Seattle. Like big time wedding. I am so excited! And a little nervous. Luckily I am the second shooter (meaning it all doesn't fall on me), but still. I feel good about having 2 more months to plan and prepare and practice. The 3 p's apparently. Right now I am loving taking couples engagements. I love love. A wedding is going to be over the top love and I can't wait! More on that later too.

Happy Saturday!

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Sheree said...

congrats on this new venture. your pictures are amazing and i love the essence of each family's character that you've captured in each picture.