Monday, January 12, 2009

Liam, Isa and Em

Aren't these three kids so super cute?! Of course all the kids I take pictures of are cute, but these are extra special to me. I learned so much by taking their pictures. Going into their backyard with them I had ideas galore. But I have to say that trying to get 3 little children in one shot is difficult. Having the perfect light, exposure and composition is one thing. Getting them all to smile in the same shot is another. This being said, I know I could take lots of time photoshopping one head in for another, but that's not really my style. I really like to get it right (or at least try to) the first time. These kids were troopers. All my ideas pretty much went down the drain when I started trying to just get them together... but I learned that when you have an idea, write it down, and you can possibly move quicker into position. I am working on my memory. Maybe I need some Ginko Baloba. I am sure I spelled that wrong. My college roommate used to say that all the time and it always made me laugh. With that, I give you Liam, Isabelle and Emery.


Mandy McMahan said...

I just texted you but had to leave a comment anyway. I LOVE THESE! Especially the one of Liam and Isa with Emery in the background. I got chills looking at that one! :) I love it!

Don't you just LOVE outdoor photo shoots? I can't wait till it gets warmer here so I can do some more outside too.

Thanks for posting your pics. You know I so love looking at what you're working on. Call me later. Love you.


Mandy said...

How fun Christy! I know I say it alot but I really can't believe how fast they're growing.
I think you did a wonderful job. They look present in all of the photos. :)

Jessie and kids said...

oh my kids are cute! Thanks for making them look so good! Emery's lips are so cute and kissable in the eyes closed shot! Oh I love being a mom!