Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cancun Part 1

My husband and I got the chance to go to Cancun Mexico for a vacation this past week. We left our two boys with friends and had some good couple and family time. All of the family went without kids. We missed them, but enjoyed being free for a week. Here are my first round of pictures. These are what you might call my 'artsy' shots. It was so beautiful there. Hope you enjoy.


Mandy said...

You are incredibly talented and have such a wonderful "artsy" eye. I swear you keep getting better and if I even thought that could happen, but shoot girl. Check you out!!!

I am in love with that beaten light blue fence. Had I been with I would have made you take some of me leaning against it.

Jessie and kids said...

I'm with Mandy on the fence. That is way cool! I love the sunset/sunrise colors. very rich! way to go girl~

amanda said...

these pictures are amazing! looks like most of them are postcards...really you do such a great job. wish you were here, we could use someone talented like you to do our family photos.