Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Emmett

Yesterday I shot pictures of little baby Emmett. He is such an adorable baby. His older brother and sister kept my children entertained and we got some great shots of him. I felt a little bond with him too. What a cutie. There are so many pictures I could post, but I will try to be brief. I love babies!

I just think this is beautiful. It shows the true love and adoration a mother has for her child.

Big sister Lily wanted to play too. She was a good sport and can we say photogenic?!!

Thank you Amanda for the opportunity. You have such a beautiful family!


Mandy McMahan said...

Your pictures are looking so good! I'm so excited for you. I so wish we lived close so we could both be in business together and learn together.

Lily is very photogenic! You should go back when it's warmer and do pictures of Amanda with both sweet kiddos. I want to see more of Lily! I don't know if she's into girly things but she would look so sweet with a little princess crown on. :) Or if you got pics of her having a little tea party with her stuffed animals. :)

I love the bottom one, too. You didn't send me that one.

Keep taking pictures and posting on here!


AMANDA said...

Christy they are just beautiful!! Thank you so much for taking these pictures for me!! I've said it before but I'll say it again - you have such a natural talent for photography! I can't wait for the next photo session!! :)

Jessie and kids said...

super cute! I like the slightly faded photo or the black and white best. It's softer and makes me think more of baby. You should try to take almost all of the color out of the photo and see what happens. I love Lily holding the ring. Her little fingers are so sweet.