Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baby Grant

Here is baby Grant. He was my little buddy yesterday. What a good baby. Thanks for letting me get some pics of you little man.


Rebecca AM said...

he's so cute! and look at those blue eyes! i love the first picture, so great!

Jen said...

Those are precious!! He is such a gorgeous baby!

Mandy said...

Cute as a button.

I love the first one and the one of him smiling. Great job sista'!

Jennifer said...

Hi Christy,
I did not know exactly where to leave a response to your comment on my blog, so I thought I would start here. First of all, thanks for the great compliment, it's always nice to receive positive feedback!

You wanted me to pass along a few tips for you... I think you need to work on exposure and compositions. I think you have great ideas and with a little work in the above 2 areas you should be well on your way. Bryan Peterson wrote 2 books; Understanding Exposure, and Learning to See Creatively (I think that is the name of his second book). Both are great and I would look into checking them out at the Library. Happy Shooting!