Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February Flowers

I can't wait for spring. Flowers. Easterbunnies. Sunshine. Fresh crisp air. I have been needing to see and smell some fresh flowers lately and thought I would share some with you. I love how these turned out.


Mandy McMahan said...

BEAUTIFUL! I love them! Did you shoot them with your 18-55 or your 55-200? Either way, it doesn't matter because they're so pretty. :) "You're so pretty." (Ross with Emma's bow on his forehead.)

Love you and your photographic skillz. Can't wait to shoot together when we're visiting this (probably freakishly hot) summer. Just don't make me tack up balloons and streamers.


katster said...

neat picts! i also love photography.. its very fun!

Country Gal said...

LOVE your pictures!!! LOVE your style!!!! You Realy have a natural knack for capturing beauty in everything you see. That is such a Gift!!!! Keep it up +++++

Mandy said...

OOooh they are so wonderful Christy. Makes my toes warm...it's just about time to dust those flip flops off. :)