Thursday, December 4, 2008


Welcome to my photography blog. My grandmother provided the way for my favorite Christmas present this year (who likes to wait until Christmas morning?!) I am so excited to find out everything I possibly can about my new camera. She is my new best friend (not to replace a choice few of you) and I think we are excited to go on this journey together. Ahhhh... cheesy. Photography goes back in my family for generations. My grandfather was a photographer in WWII and would take pictures out of airplanes for the Navy. My mother was a hippy who had her own dark room as a young adult. I don't have quite that experience, but 4 years of editing and editing and editing yearbooks will put a thing or two about photography into your brain. I can't wait to explore and learn this new (even though it is not new...) hobby. Yay for doing things you love.
(the blogger is not working right now so this is the only picture you get. Sorry.)


Mandy McMahan said...

LOVE the sharpness of this one! And love the boy in it, too. :) Was it on auto without the flash or did you have it on manual? Do you know how to look at the info for your picture so you can see what your settings were on? You can see what your f-stop was, your shutter speed, your focal length, your ISO and even your white balance, if you changed that at all.

I love this stuff. Talk to you soon.

And my word here is PRIBIOGI.

Ashley said...

Oh my gosh this is the cutest picture I LOVE it! Little Jackson dude is so adorable!!!

Awesome cant wait for you to take professional picts of my new baby!!!