Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Beautiful Pregnancy

I love pregnant women. Yesterday I had the opportunity to practice a whole photo shoot with my adorable sister in law Kimberly. I had SO much fun spending time with this beautiful pregnant woman. Kimberly, you and your family were such good sports. Thank you for letting me share in this joyous time in your lives. Only a few more days until little Grant's arrival. Congratulations!


Ashley said...

AWWWW nothing more beautiful than a pregnant belly! So artsy and fantastic these are such stunning shots! Come out and take picts of my belly in a few months! You can charge me by the hour! ;) jk

Love your new camera and new skills you will do wonderfully!!!

Jessie and kids said...

I love the laughing photo, the wind photo and the vogue shot. I have to say, you have a natural talent. These are everybit as good as what my dad does. Way to do your homework. I can't wait till you get some real lights to help out on indoor shots, You could totally go professional!

Nicole said...

amazing pics! you are very talented. and what a beautiful model you had. doesn't she just have the perfect belly!!! thanks for sharing. and you are definately taking shots of my boys the next time you visit!!!