Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nashville Snowy Day

Two days ago it snowed! Can you believe it? Snow in Nashville?! My two little boys were so excited to get into that snow. I took that opportunity to play with the parts of my camera I have started learning. I adjusted the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and the white balance. This was tricky because every couple minutes the clouds would roll in, casting shadow's on my subject, then the sun would come out full force. But it was fun and a very good learning lesson for me on how to be quick at changing what I needed for those few precious minutes. All these shots are SOOC (straight out of camera). I decided to not alter them at all and to hopefully get feedback on how they look, things that could have been better, what I could have changed etc. I will say two stipulations on my behalf. One: my computer screen is like a billion years old (santa?!!!) and the color is terrible. It is dark. So I am sure the color on your screen is different and therefore the pictures look different. And number two: my children have decided that they don't want anything to do with my camera since I get it out and point it at them all the time. I think they're getting used to the idea, but it is a work in progress. Maybe if I bribe them!

These two were taken right after each other. The first one I believe the ISO number was too high and I think I hadn't changed the white balance yet either.

So after adjusting a few things here is the final product. Jackson isn't bright white anymore. I guess I am getting a little better working with the manual setting. I really love playing with it all. And I don't understand how people learned about exposure and all the settings on film prints with film cameras. It just baffles me.

This one of Cole I love. It is too dark and not properly exposed, but he has such a doll face and gave me the best smile.


Christel said...

Christy, I love the colors in them though! I am no expert, but I really love the clarity and color! You must be grasping the technique rather quickly! You have some beautiful shots!

Mandy said...

Well done Christy!! I know I already told you but I love the one of Cole and the following one of Jackson. What cute, cute boys you have.

Mandy McMahan said...

Dang, I'm third in the comments line. I slacked off yesterday. Sorry. When James is home on the weekends, we're always trying to do a million things (check my family blog for pics later of what I did most of yesterday).

My FAVORITE is the one of Jackson with the beautiful blue sky in the background! That captures the winter feeling of this season SO WELL. Those colors are awesome. What WB setting did you use? I am taking outside pictures today of Marissa and her family so I hope to find the same kind of pretty wintery colors. And did you figure out the short cut?

Can't wait to see more pics. This is so fun. Seriously, why do we have to live so far apart?


Mandy McMahan said...

I commented on your photography but I didn't comment on your best work -- your boys. I can't leave without saying that they are so sweet. I love Jackson's little lip pout in the pretty blue sky background one. And Cole just looks so happy to be helping you take pictures by giving you an adorable grin. I wish it were possible for Auntie Mandy (Seattle Mandy) to get to know them and spoil them and hug them more than once a year (or less -- I haven't seen Cole since Sept. 07). Give them a hug from me. We'll be sending a package soon. :)