Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beautiful Mommyhood

While in Arizona, my sister introduced me to a friend of hers and we were able to get together for a shoot. Doesn't Chesney make the most beautiful pregnant mama?! I barely know her but I am so super excited for her to be a mommy to little Brody who will make his appearance in the coming month. Congrats Chesney and Josh! I feel honored to have been able to be a part of your special time!!







I'll leave you with this one. Love it! Happy Wednesday!


Jessie and kids said...

love the last one

Mandy McMahan said...

Love these, Christy. I love the one with the old truck and the last one and even the one of the gorgeous mommy straight on in all that greenery. I love those straight-on pics I've been seeing recently. Miss you.

Sheree said...

what a cute little bump she has! :)

i love the one in the white surrounded by trees with her little bump poking out. too cute!

Fivas Fam said...

I LOVE these! Love love love the vintage truck. So pretty!